Who Are Elite Bands?

We are elite bands, a wedding and corporate band management company who only represent the very best wedding bands Scotland has to offer! In other words...we have great live bands! Check them out!

Ok, no one wants to read a boring description so if we're going to do this 'about us' page, I've no interest in having this all in third person, corporate, and sounding like everyone else. It doesn't suit me or this awesome company! First things first, my name is James and I started elite bands 6 years ago...

From The Beginning 

...Well, I started out with one band called The White Band (still one of the elite bands today) and found very quickly, this was one of the busiest bands on the scene and I was turning down bookings regularly. At this point, a couple of friends and very talented singers Alex (The Lockhearts) & Steph (The Brightside) were toying with the idea of starting a band so I offered to manage them! 6 years later, 15 Covers Bands, 3 Ceilidh Bands, 2 DJ's 1 Piano Player, A String Quartet and a Piper in a pear tree...we are still doing what we do best! Providing truly awesome bands to really great people! 

EB Timeline 


1 Band, 30 Weddings, 4 Corporate Events


2 Band, 110 Weddings, 12 Corporate Events


4 Bands, 216 Weddings, 40 Corporate Events


6 Bands, 1 Ceilidh Band, 1 Piper, 341 Weddings, 64 Corporate Event


8 Band, 1 Ceilidh Band, 1 Piper, 532 Weddings, 90 Corporate Events


8 Bands, 2 Ceilidh Bands, 1 DJ, 1 Piper, a 10 Piece Pipe Band, 698 Weddings, 109 Corporate Events


(on target)
Bands, 3 Ceilidh Bands, 2 DJ's, 2 Pipers, 1 Pipe Band, 1000 Weddings, 200 Corporate events


Why Book an Elite Band? 

You should book an elite band because you will have one of the best nights of your entire life! This is the absolute main reason to book a great band! However, there are some added benefits to booking an elite band on top of this: 

  • Emergency Replacement Band Service 
  • No Admin Fees 
  • Insurance - Bands Legal Documents (Pat Test/PLI) 
  • Complimentary Showcase Tickets
  • Member's area with custom set list building
  • 24-hour emergency contact number 
  • 24-hour online booking system
  • Same price policy 
  • 14-day money back guarantee (on booking)


The Office

We opened our office space in October 2013, This gave us a space for clients to come and visit, sit and watch some bands on our large TV with top end speaker system and enjoy a good cup of coffee! It's always a please to meet clients face to face so having a premises that offers this was very important to us! We share this space with an award winning company - Ivory Tower Weddings who offer venue decor, floristry and stationary. Their quality is second to none and we highly recomend booking a consultation with them at the same time as meeting with us! Means you can tick two boxes off your wedding to-do-list at the same time!


The Future?

We've had so much fun over the past few years and I'm excited to see what the next few will bring us! We will continue to take on new great bands when we find them or when they are created!

This year! I launched my first wedding venue along with Laura Carrol from Ivory Tower Weddings. The venue is Destiny Hall and located in the South Side of Glasgow. This is a stunning church building that's been beautifully renovated! Catering for weddings from 80 - 300 people! This is one of the most exciting opportunities for me since I started elite bands. We have hit the marketing hard and people seem to love this venue as much as I do! If you are still looking for a wedding venue then check out www.destinyhall.co.uk


Elite Photographers

Over the years we've built a good brand and trust in the industry with elite bands and our business model, so... we have decided to launch elite photographers next. We will host a range of great photographers on one website where you can find out what photographers are available on your date and get an instant quote! There doesn't seem to be anything out there that offers this service and we are excited to be the first to bring this to the market!



Finally, thanks for taking the time to read about me, elite bands and our grand plans for the future! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch! :-)