Wedding Band or DJ?

Live Band or DJ?

Ok! What is better... A live wedding band or a DJ? Lots of weddings every year have very successful wedding parties with both a DJ and or a live band! So what is better? The truth is there are benefits to both and it really comes down to two main points... taste & budget!

Taste & Budget

Generally a live band is more expensive where they range from £900-£2k and a DJ comes in from £360 - £600. This isn't to say a live band is always better as it's more expensive. Taste comes into it as well! For example, if you, your fiance, friends and family all really enjoy dance music, house music, techno etc.. then book a DJ! Don't be put under the pressure of the wedding norm and book a live band. In this case, we would say that a DJ would be better to cater for your wedding and at the same time would save you some cash! There are some live bands that do play a mix of dance music along with other types of music that can cater for the dancier crowd! Feel free to check out The Brightside! They play a range of 90's dance classics! If you and your friends prefer bands and a range of styles from rock, pop, disco then a live band might be better for your event! A live band can create an amazing atmosphere and give that extra performance element to a night! If you can afford it and like general music that bands play.. then book a band! (a good band) 


Good & Bad DJs/Bands

I believe that there is nothing better than a good live band.... Wait for it!... But there is nothing worse than a bad band! I believe DJ's can fit right in the middle of this! It's better the book a bad DJ than it is to book a Bad Band and it's much better to book a good DJ than a bad band! However, if you get the right band! They will knock it out the park and give you and your guests a night to remember! Thats why at elite bands, we have turned down over 300 bands that we don't believe are to a high enough standard! Thats why when we sell a band we know that they will do us proud and having an amazing night for all our clients. 






  • Date: 7th September 2016
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