The Cost of a Good Wedding Band

A shot of wedding bands in Scotland

The music industry, and as a consequence the wedding band industry, has made a drastic shift since the mid-90s. Where once wedding bands were looked down upon in the music business, now they are held in high regard. The reason is simple: the number of musicians signing to deals has dropped, but the quality of musicians in the UK has remained the same, if not increased. This has resulted in more quality musicians taking up sessions gigs and utilising the wedding industry as their bread and butter.

This shift is good for both the wedding bands and those hiring them. The higher general quality of the industry has raised wedding band costs for wedding planners, but the availability of good quality wedding bands has also meant that they have been kept within respectable levels. On average, wedding band costs range from £500 to £3000. Considering that the music is one of the key parts to wedding entertainment, it’s worth splashing out for the best wedding band possible. Great music leads to good times and better memories, something everyone wants from their wedding day.

One of the bonuses – aside from the general increase in quality – of wedding bands being composed of session and tour musicians is that there will be occasions when songs are getting sang or played by the musicians who play the songs with the original artist. It simply isn’t possible to get an experience more authentic than that without booking the artist themselves.

Another plus is that you will have musicians who actively care about their appearance and performance, and by extension your wedding. Gone are the days where the wedding band would turn out, thump out 5 to 7 songs, take a half hour break for food then slam out a few more hits before finishing at 10. These says, the process of getting a professional wedding band is easy. There are professional showcases – a great night out for all those attending – that allow couples and wedding planners an idea of what a band can deliver. Live streams allow the same result, but from the comfort of one’s own home, and once a couple have selected a band, there are now instant booking systems and online member’s areas with customisable set lists. This results in a far more personal feel to the wedding and helps couples steer clear of the cookie cutter wedding build.

The change in the wedding band industry is a wholly positive one. The musicians are finally starting to get the recognition (and pay) they deserve, and the couples and guests are getting musical entertainment well worth the money. It has also allowed for alternative careers in the music industry, something which was lacking in previous decades. More jobs available means a stronger economy, and as far-fetched as some readers might think it to link wedding bands to a stronger economic growth, every little helps.


  • Date: 5th December 2016
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