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Noise Limiters 

Ok, this as been a bit of a hot subject for venues and bands across the UK for the past few years and seems to still be a bit of an issue with no direct resolve. The main question for Brides, Grooms and event planners is, How will this effect the night? Will the band cut out? will it be restricted to back ground music? well... The answer to these questions will be very different for different venues and bands. If you book a hard hitting Rock band or 10-peace soul band for your event where the venue is in a residential area and has a noise limiter installed, you will find the band has a hard time playing within the boundaries, some bands use IEM (In Ear Monitors) and use amp modules (not loud amps) and this can massively cut down on sound on stage, allow the band to push all the sound to the dancefloor and therefore, creating a better night.  

Who's fault is it? 

Honestly, in our opinion, it's no ones fault! It's not fair on local residents..........TBC



  • Date: 26th September 2016
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